Intro 1447 could help save lives in New York

You’ve worked in construction for a number of years, and you know that there are always risks when you’re on the job. By far, one of the most dangerous parts of your job is human error. New workers or those without training can cause serious accidents if they make errors.

Working construction is dangerous, even when precautions are taken. You know that you’re at risk each time you work with heavy equipment or head out on the roads. A new bill, Intro 1447, tries to address those issues.

The bill creates protections at demolition and construction sites, making it a requirement that businesses have orientations to the sites, give best practices reviews and focus on additional health and safety trainings and qualifications.

Additionally, some of the new legislation would require those working at major building sites to be graduates of apprenticeship programs or to be registered apprentices from a New York State program. If the individual is not registered or not a graduate of an apprenticeship program in New York State, having a background in the trade through the United States Department of Labor is acceptable. An approved background is one where the individual is trained, skilled and experienced with the appropriate level of on-the-job training and private training needed to meet the standards of the New York State labor laws.

Between 2015 and January 20, 2017, 31 construction workers were killed on the job, with most of them suffering injuries and their deaths at non-union work sites. With the correct safety protections, it’s believed that these deaths could have been prevented.

The chair of the Committee on Housing and Buildings stated that the construction industry has an alarming rate of worker deaths. Additionally, there are few things being done to truly address the problem. She believes it is the construction companies and developers who have a responsibility to workers. They need to make safety in the workplace a priority to help address the rising number of fatalities in the state.

This bill could change the way you work in New York and make it safer to do your job. If you’ve been hurt on the job, your attorney can help you get the compensation you need while you focus on recovery.

Source: Nov. 30, -0001

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