Full-Service Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers In New York City

Traffic accidents are often preventable, but drivers navigating the constantly congested streets of New York City, or traveling throughout New York and New Jersey are far too frequently negligent. The motor vehicle and truck accident attorneys at Liakas Law, P.C., focus their full attention on maximizing compensation for accident victims and their families.

Meticulous Attention To Detail To Obtain Results

We thoroughly investigate accidents using state of the art technology. We use all of our resources to obtain proper analysis and evidence from accident reconstructionists, medical professionals and life care planners, when necessary, to cover the full-scope of the long-term consequences of an injury. Our ultimate goal is to maximize compensation for our clients and help victims of a crash find favorable resolution in personal injury claims involving:

As trial lawyers, we know the tactics the insurance companies and opposition use to reject, delay or challenge claims. We anticipate the friction points and potential objections in order to enter the negotiating room or trial court and overcome any resistance. Our commitment to results includes taking a modern perspective. We focus on maximizing compensation, not a threshold settlement amount. Our aggressive attorneys ask, how much compensation will we allow them to pay?

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Our trial lawyers are prepared to maximize your case. To learn how our legal team can serve you, send us a message online or call 800-681-1174 anytime. We are available 24/7. The consultation is free, and you will pay nothing unless we obtain compensation for you.