Highway driving safety tips you must follow

Do you find yourself driving on busy highways every now and again? Is this a way of life as you commute to and from work?

Driving on the highway is virtually inescapable in modern life, but that doesn’t mean you can take it for granted and let your guard down. It’s important to remember that you could be part of an accident at some point. Even though you do your best to avoid trouble, don’t overlook the fact that other drivers don’t always take the same level of caution.
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Commercial trucks present unique dangers on the road

Driving in and around the New York area more than likely brings you into close proximity to commercial trucks. Large delivery trucks and semis present unique dangers to drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, these dangers can result in catastrophic accidents.

When you have to share the road with commercial trucks, it is important to be aware of situations that can lead to an accident with one of the vehicles. The following can give you a basic understanding of the most common causes of truck accidents so that you can take steps to keep yourself safe.

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Holiday shipments might wear semitruck drivers out

The holiday season is upon us, which means that truckers are going to be busy trying to make sure that stores get their goods and that deliveries are made to homes. The increase in shipments can mean that trucker are working more than they are accustomed to.

Fatigued truckers are a factor in around 40 percent of all semitruck crashes. This is one of the causes of big rig accidents that is completely preventable if truckers ensure they get enough sleep and trucking companies empower truckers to decide when they need rest.

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A variety of factors can contribute to commercial truck accidents

Everyone knows that there is risk inherent to operating a motor vehicle. Even if you drive very carefully, someone else on the road could still cause a crash. People choose to drive drunk or distracted every day, and that puts others on the road at risk.

When it comes to the biggest and most dangerous vehicles on the road, commercial trucks, the potential for serious injury and even death exist. These massive vehicles have blind spots that limit their drivers’ visibility, take longer to stop and often take up a lot of road space during a turn. There are myriad ways a commercial truck can cause an accident.

Underride accidents, for example, are both common and dangerous. If a truck stops suddenly, a vehicle behind it could end up rear-ending it. With most vehicles, that’s a minor fender-bender. With a semi truck, these accidents could be fatal, as the upper portion of the vehicle could get smashed or even clipped off.

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Intro 1447 could help save lives in New York

You’ve worked in construction for a number of years, and you know that there are always risks when you’re on the job. By far, one of the most dangerous parts of your job is human error. New workers or those without training can cause serious accidents if they make errors.

Working construction is dangerous, even when precautions are taken. You know that you’re at risk each time you work with heavy equipment or head out on the roads. A new bill, Intro 1447, tries to address those issues.

The bill creates protections at demolition and construction sites, making it a requirement that businesses have orientations to the sites, give best practices reviews and focus on additional health and safety trainings and qualifications.

Additionally, some of the new legislation would require those working at major building sites to be graduates of apprenticeship programs or to be registered apprentices from a New York State program. If the individual is not registered or not a graduate of an apprenticeship program in New York State, having a background in the trade through the United States Department of Labor is acceptable. An approved background is one where the individual is trained, skilled and experienced with the appropriate level of on-the-job training and private training needed to meet the standards of the New York State labor laws.

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6 pieces of evidence for your truck accident case

You were lucky to survive such a horrific accident last week when you were hit by a tractor-trailer. The driver of the truck lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic. You were not able to get out of the way fast enough. Now, you are facing months of healing from your injuries followed by months of physical therapy. The doctor informed you that you may not regain a full range of movement and it is questionable as to when you can return to work.

Due to the nature of the accident, you more than likely have a case not only against the driver, but against the trucking company that employed him as well. However, commercial truck accident litigation can be very complicated. It often includes unique aspects that are not present in typical motor vehicle accidents. An experienced New York personal injury attorney can help you with these differences and provide guidance on your case.

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