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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic accidents are often preventable, but drivers navigating the constantly congested streets of New York City, or traveling throughout New York and New Jersey are far too frequently negligent. The motor vehicle and truck accident attorneys at Liakas Law, P.C., focus their full attention on maximizing compensation for accident victims and their families.

Premises Liability

Many people in New York and New Jersey have slipped on an icy walkway or tripped over a misleveled sidewalk and experience that sudden surge of adrenaline, possibly followed by a moment of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Unfortunately, falling down in a slip/trip-and-fall accident can cause a great deal of harm. In fact, falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Construction Accidents

The rigors of construction work and the environment at a construction site can create significant dangers for contractors, tradesmen, suppliers and other workers at a construction project. With many different contractors and companies performing work at the same place, coordinating work among the various subcontractors takes attention to detail. Safety equipment at the site can be lacking, leading to serious construction site injuries. When a third party is negligent in causing harm to a person on a construction site, it is critical for an accident victim to understand his or her legal options under New York or New Jersey law.

Industrial Accidents

Working in a manufacturing plant, a warehouse, on a loading dock and in other industrial settings frequently exposes workers to heavy equipment, tools and machinery, that can lead to significant personal injuries. Workplace and industrial accidents involving another party's negligence — from an architect or consulting engineer's flawed design to malfunctioning, defective products — do present the possibility of taking legal action. It is vital for injured workers to understand all of their legal options to protect their rights and financial stability.

Civil Rights

Members of law enforcement are given power to enforce many laws. Prison officials and corrections officers also have specified power to maintain order at Rikers Island and other detention centers in New York and New Jersey. At the same time, the United States Constitution expressly guarantees a variety of vital civil rights for citizens and residents of the United States. Unfortunately, far too often, police or corrections officers exceed their authority and violate the rights of individuals.

Product Liability

New York requires that companies that design and/or manufacture products, or those who distribute or ultimately sell them, be they toys, fixtures, tools, appliances, textiles, building materials or vehicles, ensure that their products are safe, properly labeled, and not defective in any way. Proper and adequate warnings must be provided so that consumers do not mistakenly misuse the product or subject themselves or others to danger of injury, amputation, or death.

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