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Civil Rights Lawyers Who Fight For Justice In NYC New York and New Jersey

Members of law enforcement are given power to enforce many laws. Prison officials and corrections officers also have specified power to maintain order at Rikers Island and other detention centers in New York and New Jersey. At the same time, the United States Constitution expressly guarantees a variety of vital civil rights for citizens and residents of the United States. Unfortunately, far too often, police or corrections officers exceed their authority and violate the rights of individuals.

We Take On The Government When Police Or Prison Officers Abuse Power

It may seem daunting to fight the system. Civil rights cases are often complex. The government often denies wrongdoing and works to protect officials from any accountability for the harm they have caused. At Liakas Law, P.C., we turn the tables against the power of the establishment. To discuss the harm you have suffered at the hands – or weapons – of law enforcement, and to learn more about your rights, call 212-937-7765 for a free, no-pressure consultation.

Our lawyers have the resources and experience to set the record straight across the spectrum of civil rights claims, including:

  • Prisoner abuse
  • False arrest
  • False imprisonment
  • Police brutality
  • Excessive force
  • Unlawful stop and frisk issues
  • Title 42 U.S.C. 1983 Claims

Our lawyers take your civil rights seriously and will provide their full attention to your case if your rights have been violated. When you turn to our respected civil rights attorneys, we will fully investigate every relevant detail to fight the government, maximize your compensation and get you the justice you deserve for the harm you or your loved one has suffered due to police misconduct or prison abuse.

To arrange a free case evaluation and straightforward legal advice, we invite you to send us an email or call 212-937-7765. Our office in Manhattan is accessible from subway lines from anywhere in New York City. We can also arrange to meet you by appointment in our Chatham, New Jersey, office.

Police Brutality

The problems of police brutality and excessive force have garnered a large amount of media attention throughout the country in recent years. Partner, Paul Prestia, has been at the helm of these issues and has even sparked nationwide conversation regarding the shut-down of Rikers Island. In New York City, police misconduct is not a new experience. The use of excessive force is unlawful and includes a wide range of acts of misconduct. While police shootings often make headlines, excessive force and police brutality do not require the use of a firearm to support a civil rights claim.

Prisoner Abuse

A detention in jail or prison certainly involves the loss of liberty. Corrections officers and prison guards seem to have a great deal of power to control the day-to-day lives of detainees. However, that power is limited. Inmates do have the right to be free from abuse in prison. The use of excessive force on the part of an officer, incidents of an officer sexually abusing an inmate, as well as corrections officials looking the other way when they know a gang fight or other inmate violence is likely to break out may serve as the foundation for a prisoner abuse or civil rights violation claim.

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