Police Brutality

Holding Law Enforcement Accountable For Police Brutality

The problems of police brutality and excessive force have garnered a large amount of media attention throughout the country in recent years. Partner, Paul Prestia, has been at the helm of these issues and has even sparked nationwide conversation regarding the shut-down of Rikers Island. In New York City, police misconduct is not a new experience. The use of excessive force is unlawful and includes a wide range of acts of misconduct. While police shootings often make headlines, excessive force and police brutality do not require the use of a firearm to support a civil rights claim.

Get Justice When Police Abuse Their Power

Legal actions involving police misconduct require skilled legal analysis of the individual facts to show how law enforcement abused its power and violated your civil rights. Our attorneys have the resources to fully investigate the details of your interaction with police, and the experience to prepare and present a solid claim to seek justice. For attentive, aggressive and diligent representation, call the civil rights lawyers at Liakas Law, P.C.

Police brutality can erupt in any kind of police encounter. Officers may unreasonably turn to force during a routine traffic stop, an on-the-street stop and frisk encounter or after a chase while law enforcement is taking a person into custody.

You cannot be arrested unless there is a warrant for your arrest or there is probable cause to believe that you committed a crime. If you have been arrested without a warrant and without probable cause, and your case was subsequently dismissed, your civil rights may have been violated. You may have a false arrest cause of action against the City of New York and the NYPD.

Turn To Experienced Lawyers Who Will Fight For Your Rights

If you were physically assaulted, falsely arrested or believe that your civil rights were otherwise violated during an arrest or encounter with police, contact our lawyers online or call 212-937-7765 to arrange a free initial consultation. We will vigorously pursue your rights in state or federal court. Our office in Manhattan is accessible from subway lines from anywhere in New York City. We can also arrange to meet you by appointment in our Chatham, New Jersey, location.

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