FELA And Jones Act Claims

Pursuing Compensation For Maritime And Railroad Worker Injuries

Railroad workers and longshoremen face significant challenges on the job on a daily basis. The risk for injury due to a railroad or maritime accident is significant. Federal law recognizes not only the importance of these industries to the economy, but also the importance of a safe work environment for the hard-working men and women on the rails and at sea. Unlike traditional job related accidents, under federal law, railroad and maritime workers who suffer job-related injuries can recover money damages directly from their employer if they prove that their employer was negligent.

Liakas Law, P.C., provides goal-oriented and aggressive advocacy for injured railroad workers and longshoremen. While The Jones Act and Federal Employer’s Liability Act (“FELA”) provide a course of action in federal court for injured workers in these industries, the technical requirements of proof must be addressed fully and head-on to achieve maximum results. We manage our caseload to allow us to leverage resources and give each FELA or Jones Act claim the time and legal analysis needed to optimize results.

Thorough Investigation And Unsurpassed Personal Service

Our lawyers and legal team start with a thorough and detailed investigation to prove negligence and liability. We have a strong command of the relevant safety regulations, statutes, rules and procedures that apply to railroad and maritime worker injuries. Because we are selective in the cases we handle, our attorneys remain highly involved with clients every step of the way to allow us to fully understand the full impact of injuries in a railroad accident or injury suffered by a person who works on a vessel. With a complete picture of the extent of the harm a client has experienced we are able to aggressively value a case. Meaningful results are only achieved through hard work and a full analysis of every detail of each individual case.

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (“FELA”) For Railroad Worker Injuries

Railroad workers who suffer an on-the-job injury (or the family of a fatal accident victim) may pursue a claim or lawsuit against the railroad under FELA. The processes and rules are complex, making it critical for victims to work with a knowledgeable trial attorney who knows the nuances of the law. Our legal team focuses on complex personal injury litigation and has experience taking on railroad companies and other common carriers to maximize compensation for our clients. You may be entitled to compensation to cover lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering, as well as other damages associated with the work-related accident or occupational illness.

The Jones Act Covers Job-Related Maritime Injuries

The Jones Act was modeled on the FELA statute to provide individuals who work on vessels on any waterway to have access to compensation for damages. The Jones Act allows any individual who works aboard a boat or ship and contributes to the vessel’s objectives to seek compensation for work-related injuries caused by the negligence of his or her employer. The Jones Act extends to work-related injuries suffered ashore in many circumstances. Our goal is always focused on obtaining the full and fair compensation our clients deserve.

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After a railroad or maritime accident anywhere in New York or New Jersey, you can turn to us for an honest evaluation of your case, aggressive advocacy and straightforward guidance. Our commitment to obtaining meaningful results can be your advantage in maximizing your compensation. To arrange a free consultation, call 212-937-7765 or contact us online. There is no fee unless we obtain compensation for you by settlement or a verdict. We have offices in New York City, and Chatham, New Jersey, to serve you.

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