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Automobile safety has made tremendous strides in recent years. Yet, with the volume of traffic in New York City and across the state, auto accidents occur too frequently. The pressures of everyday life and modern technology have increased the number of distractions for drivers. Inattentive driving, “road rage” and negligent acts cause serious, injury-producing wrecks on a regular basis.

The accomplished trial lawyers at Liakas Law, P.C., are committed to achieving meaningful results for personal injury victims in New York and New Jersey. We take pride in taking on the insurance companies and their big business approach to denying claims filed by people who have suffered serious injury.

Experienced Attorneys For Establishing Liability

We believe that your attorney needs to take a proactive approach to preparing your case for trial, even when trial is not necessary. There is no substitute for a strong legal position. We use modern technology, our full resources and our access to experts in accident reconstruction, medical analysis and other areas to develop strong evidence to prove the full extent of the compensation our clients are entitled to receive. Our focus is on you — your injuries, your financial and emotional needs, and your legal rights.

Many factors may have contributed to your auto crash. In too many cases, the primary reason is an intoxicated, inattentive or distracted driver. Negligence or overaggressive driving may be the primary cause of the accident. In other situations, our thorough investigation of the accident may show that a defective car part, component or accessory was a contributing factor.

Whether your car accident caused severe soft tissue injuries, broken bones or even a spinal cord injury, you need a skilled legal team to help prove, document and demonstrate the full consequences. We leverage state of the art technology and a network of resources in building your case for maximum compensation. We meticulously investigate and prepare cases to present the most convincing evidence available to show the total consequences of the accident to achieve optimal results.

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Liakas Law, P.C., is here for you after a serious motor vehicle accident. Call 212-937-7765 as soon as possible or contact us by email now. We will quickly take the – necessary steps to investigate your accident and record the extent of your injuries. We have offices in Manhattan and Chatham, New Jersey. We also regularly make hospital visits to consult with injured clients and their families.

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