Faulty Truck Maintenance

Understanding The Dangers Of Faulty Truck Maintenance

Commercial vehicles often log many hours on the road during any day of the week. Tractor-trailers, sanitation vehicles and large trucks take a beating with the weight of cargo or other loads, stopping and starting in heavy traffic and large distances traveled on the road. Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for inspecting vehicles regularly and insuring that the trucks are properly maintained. Faulty truck maintenance is a serious problem — a defective truck can cause severe accidents with serious and even fatal injuries.

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Based in Manhattan, Liakas Law, P.C., focuses on providing thorough and aggressive advocacy for injury victims and their families throughout New York And New Jersey. Our family-run practice is designed to ensure that each client receives the direct and full attention they deserve in such a difficult time. While we build strong relationships with our clients, we understand that our role as trial lawyers is to do everything that is necessary to produce the most favorable results possible. To that end, we are selective in the cases we accept in order to leverage our resources, trial skills and technology to optimize results in each case.

It is not always apparent on the surface that a truck was improperly maintained. Uncovering problems related to faulty repairs or a lack of maintenance requires meticulous attention to detail. Our approach to investigating and presenting truck accident cases is designed to detect the full scope of negligent acts, including a lack of attention to the safety of commercial vehicles, that can contribute to an injury-producing wreck.

Common problems that can cause a truck to crash include:

  • Faulty, defective or worn brakes
  • Improperly inflated tires, overly worn or mismatched tires
  • Problems with the truck’s suspension system
  • Faulty maintenance of the steering system
  • Defects in the coupling or hitching system
  • Transmission problems
  • Failures in systems securing truck loads
  • Equipment problems related to rear view mirrors or lighting systems

Trucking companies often focus on their profits to the detriment of safety. Truck drivers are responsible for inspecting vehicles regularly, but time pressures and incentives for faster deliveries may lead to a lack of attention to safety inspections.

We do the hard work to uncover evidence of negligence and to identify the potential parties who can be held responsible. Our attention to detail is vital in preparing the most aggressive case possible to maximize compensation.

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