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State and federal regulations set strict standards for how much cargo a tractor-trailer can haul. These weight restrictions are aimed at far more than maintaining control over the wear and tear on our roads — weight limits serve as an important safety standard. Unfortunately, commercial trucking companies have a business incentive to increase the volume of cargo — that incentive is increased profits. At Liakas Law, P.C., we have the resources, technology and desire to handle complex truck accident cases to help injury victims and their families obtain justice and the full compensation they deserve.

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As full-service truck accident lawyers, we thoroughly investigate the actions of truck drivers and truck companies. We compare required documentation, such as driver’s logs and bill of lading, to the relevant regulations that apply in each case. An overloaded or improperly loaded trailer can create a wide range of hazards when the truck is on the road, including:

  • Overloaded trucks can put tremendous stress on the truck’s mechanical systems. Brake failure, blown tires and structural damage to the trailer from an overweight load can all lead to the driver losing control of the vehicle
  • Too much weight in the trailer increases the risk of jackknifing. When a truck jackknifes, people in other vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the truck, as well as those in the stream of traffic are exposed to tremendous risks for injury
  • Overloaded trailers significantly increase the braking distance for a tractor-trailer — increasing the risk of rear-end collisions
  • Improperly loaded and overloaded trucks decrease the maneuverability of trucks, often resulting in side-swipe accidents

Improperly secured cargo or poorly distributed loads increase the risk of rollovers that can victimize other drivers and passengers along the road
As a family-run personal injury practice, our attorneys understand how devastating an accident can be, not only for injured victims, but for entire families. Our legal team works hard to give injury victims and their families a voice against the power of the trucking companies, big businesses and insurance providers.

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