Trucking Accidents Involving Bicyclists And Pedestrians

Trucking Accidents Involving Bicyclists And Pedestrians

Pedestrians and bicyclists have little to no protection against a moving vehicle. While bicycle helmets are important safety devices, the human body is no match for the mass, size and weight of a motor vehicle. Inattentive driving, distracted driving and the failure to yield to a cyclist or pedestrian are common concerns, whether you are in New York City, or anywhere in New York or New Jersey. When a truck is involved in the accident, injuries are often severe or fatal.

Turn To Trial Lawyers With The Skill To Maximize Your Compensation

The trial team at Liakas Law, P.C., with offices in Manhattan and Chatham, New Jersey, are passionate about taking on negligent drivers, big businesses and their insurance carriers in difficult and complex personal injury cases. Our attorneys have established a reputation for our strength in advocacy, meticulous legal analysis and thorough preparation of personal injury claims. While any vehicle can cause significant harm, contact between a truck and a cyclist or pedestrian can be devastating. We have the modern technology, skill and resources to handle every aspect of your insurance claim and personal injury lawsuit.

Trucks do not have the same maneuverability as passenger vehicles, blind spots can hide pedestrians or cyclists from an inattentive driver’s view, and regardless of speed, the potential for serious injury or death is profound.

When we take on a case, we immediately launch a full-scale investigation to cover every detail. Our goal is always focused on maximizing the compensation you can receive for medical bills, lost wages and other losses resulting from your accident. We remain selective in the cases we take on to ensure that we can provide the full resources, attention and representation to achieve the best results possible.

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After a bicycle or pedestrian accident anywhere in New York or New Jersey, you can turn to us for straightforward guidance, an honest evaluation of your case and prompt, decisive action on your behalf. Whether you suffered injury on the way to or from work, while jogging, riding or under any other circumstances, we will engage with you personally. Our dedication to results can be your advantage in maximizing your recovery. To arrange a free consultation, call 212-937-7765 any time of the day or night, or contact us online. There is no fee unless we obtain compensation for you by settlement or a verdict.

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