Product Liability

Product Liability

New York requires that companies that design and/or manufacture products, or those who distribute or ultimately sell them, be they toys, fixtures, tools, appliances, textiles, building materials or vehicles, ensure that their products are safe, properly labeled, and not defective in any way. Proper and adequate warnings must be provided so that consumers do not mistakenly misuse the product or subject themselves or others to danger of injury, amputation, or death.


May Include:

  • Manufacture Defect

  • Defective Design

  • Failure to Warn

Timely Investigation Can Make A Significant Difference:


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You and your family need to focus on your physical well-being and recovery. We understand the anxiety and financial stress that you are under. For that reason, our legal team works collaboratively to create a powerful legal position to take on the companies who have caused so much harm to our clients. However, it is important for you to act quickly to allow us to begin our investigation. Construction sites change quickly, memories of witnesses fade, and other workers often move on to other sites. Locating witnesses and documenting the scene are important first steps to building a strong case.

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